Monday, November 5, 2012

How Very Dare Fall 2012 "Danielle Steals My Heart"

My Oh My!

Where has the time gone.
I haven't made a single post since our last How Very Dare launched in May!

I've been too busy slaving away on our newest collection, "Danielle Steals My Heart"
Inspired by vintage romance novels, this collection is filled with wild horses, abstract sunsets,
sultry embraces and even pages of hot and steamy text!

Check out our look book below and shop the collection on Etsy.

Ok off to work on the next collection!  Until we meet again!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Very Dare launch countdown!

Here we go!

I will be launching my digitally printed women's wear
collection, How Very Dare, in 5 days!

Let the countdown begin....

Monday, April 23, 2012

How Very Dare launching May 1st!

Hi Everyone!

My lovely little company, How Very Dare will be launching
our Spring 2012 collection on Tuesday, May 1st.

So mark your calendars and save your pennies so you can purchase one (or all) of
our amazing digitally printed garments.  Follow our Facebook page starting April 27th,
as we countdown the final 5 days and bring you exclusive sneak peeks!

Monday, March 26, 2012

How Very Dare Look Book First Look

The best day of my life is officially last Saturday, March 24th,
the How Very Dare look book shoot!

It could not have went any better.  We had a dream team of a crew!

Here are some behind the scenes pictures. The final look book pics will be finished
as soon as we filter through the 3000 options we have.  It is going to be a tough to choose!

Set up begins.... 

The Scanlin brothers are ready to rock! 

Mr. Prop Man also played DJ, videographer, photo assistant and later showed us how to do the worm. 

Time for Hair and Make Up!

Our Producer trying out our 'Mr. Rose Stripe' covered shoes. 

Our smokin' hot model, Kim, is ready for her first look!

First Look- 'Snakes on a Grain' tunic dress, jersey skirt and covered shoes!

Close Ups... 

...Hang ups...

...and Touch Ups. 

The Crew

'Mr. Rose Stripe' is head to toe.

Our 'Dead as a Desert' print has never looked so HOT! 

Our Producer, Tara Trullinger, celebrating an amazaing shoot with a glass of bubbly and some thank you gifts from How Very Dare. 

"Terry Richardson" everyone! 

Wrap party begins with a little dancing. 

Spotlight on Mr. Prop Guy 

Left over props from the shoot come in handy...what's more fun than a glitter fan dance party? 

 And the party ends at 4AM...
Thanks again to everyone who made this such an amazing day. We can't thank you enough